Alicia Brewin, Interior Designer

Alicia Brewin

Designing for over 30 years, Alicia Brewin has been involved in all aspects of interior design spanning the country, currently serving clientele in Virginia, Louisiana’s North Shore, and Washington state. With a passion for her work and a love of being around other creative people, Alicia has built a strong network of proven professionals to ensure her visions become reality. With countless opportunities in both the residential and commercial fields, she has refined her skills on projects ranging from restoring historic homes to designing modern medical centers.

Alicia Interiors established her niche early and has thrived for over three decades due to an emphasis on the client’s desires and a distinctive and uncompromising sense of beauty and design. Award-winning, and published nationwide for outstanding design innovation, Alicia views each new client as a unique and exciting opportunity to infuse beautiful design into their lives and looks forward to making your acquaintance.